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CUC2022: Otvaranje u zatvorenom svijetu - postdigitalna znanost i obrazovanje / CUC2022: Opening up in a closed world - postdigital science and education

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Revisiting the promises of educational technologies in the aftermath of COVID-19

The increasing impact of black-box algorithms causes a new need for civil rights in the digital world. Media and marketing are wrapped up in the increasing pervasiveness of digital discrimination – but there’s hope to be found and perhaps brands are at the very centre of decoding bias URL to create more equity and inclusion IRL. On The Basis of Code explores the prevalence of algorithm bias in the media and advertising industry and the role brands, technologists, and the private sector play in digital discrimination.

Mark West

Mark West works in UNESCO’s Education Sector where he examines how technology can improve the quality, equity, and accessibility of learning, especially in developing countries. He leads projects to help establish new and more human-centred trajectories for education in a digital age. His current work encompasses the Rewired Global Declaration on Connectivity for Education and Gateways to Public Digital Learning, a UNESCO and UNICEF initiative to help countries build and improve free, open and government-maintained platforms for public education on the internet. Mark has spent the past two years analysing lessons learned from country attempts to shift education from schools to connected technologies as a response to COVID-19 disruptions. This work will culminate in the publication of a book entitled an Ed-Tech Tragedy scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

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