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CUC2022: Otvaranje u zatvorenom svijetu - postdigitalna znanost i obrazovanje / CUC2022: Opening up in a closed world - postdigital science and education

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Svečano zatvaranje konferencije. Plenarna predavanja - Rachel Lowenstein (Mindshare) and Mark West (UNESCO) / online

petak, 28 listopada 2022
14:30 - 16:00

Šibenik 1, Šibenik 2 / online

Predsjednica Programskog odbora: Nino Ćosić, CARNET

Rachel Lowenstein "On The Basis of Code"

The increasing impact of black-box algorithms causes a new need for civil rights in the digital world. Media and marketing are wrapped up in the increasing pervasiveness of digital discrimination – but there’s hope to be found and perhaps brands are at the very centre of decoding bias URL to create more equity and inclusion IRL. On The Basis of Code explores the prevalence of algorithm bias in the media and advertising industry and the role brands, technologists, and the private sector play in digital discrimination.

Mark West "Revisiting the promises of educational technologies in the aftermath of COVID-19"

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed education from schools to educational technologies at a pace and scale with no historical precedent. For hundreds of millions of students formal learning became fully dependent on technology – whether internet-connected digital devices, televisions or radios.

Mark West’s address will share findings and analysis from a forthcoming UNESCO publication that examines the numerous – and often overlooked – adverse consequences of this shift.

In detailing what went wrong with digital learning during the pandemic, Mr. West’s address will illuminate lessons and recommendations to ensure that going forward technology facilitates, rather than subverts, efforts to ensure the universal provision of inclusive, equitable and human-centred public education.

Mr. West will also explain how UNESCO is working with countries and wide range of partners to reorient the digital transformation of education around key principles and commitments articulated in the RewirEd Global Declaration on Connectivity for Education as well as the United Nation’s call to action on digital learning. Finally, he will detail the UNESCO and UNICEF global Gateways Initiative to help countries establish and improve public platforms and content for public education.

On The Basis of Code
Rachel Lowenstein
Revisiting the promises of educational technologies in the aftermath of COVID-19
Mark West


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